Web Stories: Purple And Old

I had the following Twitter exchange with a Packer brethren this week:


and right on queue ‘ol lostinIdaho Colleen dusted off her Pocket Doppler megaphone to shout from her proverbial rooftop that she totally coulda fucked Brett Favre that one time, but decided not to ’cause dollar beer night was only gonna last another hour.

Maybe Colleen’s been listening to a lot of Doris Day lately, or maybe her liberal indoctrination white guilt prevents her from holding dark pigmented NFLers to the same standard she holds their franchise quarterback contemporaries, but I fail to see a single difference between her justification for Jennings possible (updated: definite) signing with the Viqueens and Brett Favre’s signing we all suffered through four years ago.

Except for the part where she and every lady (and some men) Packer fan wanted to, uh, touch down on the ‘ol gunslinger’s ding-dong.

A few excerpts (with added comments):

Here’s the thing, kids. Greg Jennings is a professional football player

…and here I thought he pulled his hamstring doing jet ski push-ups.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to part ways with a veteran. From both a team perspective and a player perspective

…Unless you spent your summer of ’94 driving that player home from Anduzzi’s every night, and he promised to never forget you, and that he’ll always be a Packer, and that you’re beautiful but Deanna’s in town… and then 2008 happened, and FUCK HIM!

Let’s calm down. Let’s not call him a traitor, ungrateful, or any of the other silly things I’ve seen people say.

Not to bring up, or validate, slanderous accusations of yesteryear, but of the many things Packers fans can shout at Jennings, that they shouted at Favre in his purple days, I’m guessing four inch wonder won’t be one of them. (but my favorite excerpt from Colleen’s post)

It’s his life.

…you’re goddamn right it is. Que sera, sera; se la vie, and all that shit. Jennings is free to go where he wants. Just like Ryan Longwell, just like Darren Sharper, just like, uh, Koren Robinson, just like Donald Driver attempted to do, and just like Brett Favre did. Except, Brett Favre didn’t get the opportunity to go where he wanted. He wanted to play for Green Bay. The Packers said no. So he wanted to play for the Vikings. The Packers said no – and shipped his ass to the Jets instead of straight releasing him like Ted has every other 30+ year old player he thought was done.

So, to Greg Jennings and all future Packers players that leave Green Bay for more money –and less winning– in Minnesota: God bless. All y’all future free agents are saved because Brett Favre died for your sins. Don’t forget to tithe.


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