I’m a Spoiled Little Brat-And So Are You

I’m a Green Bay Packer fan, and I’m a spoiled little brat.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you are also a Packer fan, and also a spoiled little brat.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Allow me to elaborate:

For the past four seasons, we have been witness to some of the greatest quarterbacking the NFL has ever seen. Aaron Rodgers has literally rewritten the record books. With precision accuracy coupled with a killer instinct, he has made the Packer faithful forget who was quarterbacking the team before he arrived on the scene.

Well, almost made us forget, but that’s a subject for another time.

What is so surprising is how so many of the Packer faithful (myself included) were quick to jump on Rodgers for his slow start to the 2012 season. The common theme was that he was “off”. He was overthrowing receivers, missing the patented back shoulder throw, and holding onto the ball WAY too long. And these flaws were discussed ad nauseum before his welcome back performance against the Texans.

Let’s review how poorly Rodgers was performing at the beginning of the season.

Prior to the game against the Texans, Rodgers had thrown for 1,299 yards, 10 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 68.6% of his passes, and a QB rating of 96.9.

Clearly a disappointment.

The issue is not that Rodgers was off to start the season. He was. The issue was that so many of us had become so accustomed to an almost perfect passing game, that the slightest dip in production made us realize that Rodgers is, in fact, human.

Does anyone remember the string of unbelievably bad quarterbacks that Green Bay has fielded in recent memory? Guys like Randy Wright who I remember thinking as a small child, “This guy is really good.” My goodness was I a moron.

 Or how about Vince Ferragamo, who Forrest Gregg was hoping would find just a little bit of magic and would help bring the Packers back to glory. Um, how about not.

Even Rodgers’ predecessor, one Brett Lorenzo Favre, had a few piss poor seasons–let alone some absolutely terrible games–so terrible at the time, that many began wondering if he could still play quarterback at all. Yet every year people waited for his return because the team would fall apart if he wasn’t with the Packers anymore.

That seems to have worked out OK.

Maybe we should all remember that Rodgers is not immortal, as some like to think he is. That he is indeed prone to mistakes. That he is going to have a bad game occasionally. That he is indeed human.

Perhaps if the expectations for Rodgers were not so ridiculously high, Packer fans would not freak out and lose their minds when he only plays really, really well. We won’t though, because we’re spoiled little brats when it comes to how Aaron Rodgers plays.


John Rehor is a longtime Packers blogger who joined Dick’s Favorite Blog to write–unfettered–epic love poems to Brett Favre and shout hateful rhetoric to Dom Capers into a black hole internet abyss. Contact John on twitter: @jrehor or by e-mail johnrehor@dicksfavoriteblog.com

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