• furypictureoswald

    Fury: $25 Movie

    Fury Directed By: David Ayer (Harsh Times, End of Watch) Written By: David Ayer (Fast and Furious, Training Day) Top Celeb: Brad Pitt – duh! And the paparazzi pics of

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  • lacc-comedy-night

    A Night of Comedy

    Camino Theater Hosts Comedy Panel   LACC, through the LACCD Foundation, sponsored a comedy panel on Monday October 14th, of three veteran comedy writers: Alan Zweibel, Jay Kogen and Arnie

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  • excusemeflo

    Web Stories: Tip Your Waitress

    I tried to bait Excuse Me Flo out of hiatus. She didn’t take it. So I’ll post on her behalf. Surely everyone on the internet has read about the shitty

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  • dodgeball

    TitanTown: “If You’ve Got Them by the Balls…”

    There comes a time in a person’s life when he/she has to stop playing video games and join an adult sports league. Or, so I’ve been told. I work for

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News On google plus android apps

It is a lot more like having the usual cellphone call features. Then whenever you post anything, you choose which circles call at your content. Although Google+ is still relatively new, we are able to already see what it’s as potential from your marketing perspective. What’s more, what’s more, it checks who will be sharing those and the way fast

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Tammy: Walk Out

  Tammy Directed By: Ben Falcone (McCarthy’s husband) Written By: Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Top Celeb: Has to be Susan Sarandon. I know Kathy Bates and Allison Janney and Sandra Oh pack a punch, but Sarandon has been in, like, seven thousand movies; she’s been a baseball groupie, a scofflaw maybe-lesbian, a cancer-ridden stepmom, you name it – Sarandon

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Chef: $6 Movie

Chef Directed By: Jon Favreau Written By: Jon Favreau Top Celeb: Toss-up! Like I’m going to play god and choose winners and losers among the likes of Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr. Scarlett Johansson and countless others with guest starring screen time. Breakout Performance: Emjay Anthony – I know it’s like, yawn, breakout performance from a kid? What an obvious

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Million Dollar Arm: $10 Movie

A quick refresh in case you’ve forgotten the rating system Million Dollar Arm Directed By: Craig Gillespie Written By: Thomas McCarthy Top Celeb: Jon Hamm (unless you count our boy –a producer of the film– Billy “the Sports Guy” Simmons)   Breakout Performance: none Fun Cameo: Rey Maualuga – USC Trojan, Cincinnati Bengal, Breaker of Jon Hamm’s Professional Heart. What You’ll

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Honeymoon Reading List: @kellyoxford’s Everything Is Perfect…

…When You’re A Liar Kate Atkinson: Life After Life Hilton Als: White Girls Kevin Cook: The Last Headbangers I felt an obligation to share since everyone’s twitter suggestions were bottom-of-dead-grandpas-toilet-reading-pile bad. And I included the links so you could purchase effortlessly between your Facebook weather comments and your derp-de-derp political tweets. Stay away from the Wal-Mart dollar bin. (and I’m

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